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All Protein Is Not Created Equal

Are you  hunting down the Best, most affordable, Protein Shake, (Drinks, or supplements) to add to your new diet, or may be an existing one. You want the VERY BEST products and Excellent protein sources right? Of Course you do…take whey protein for instance , you may find that most products you are researching have lots of protein..the question is what kind. All protein is not created equal.  Some, may contain unnatural sugars or fillers in them, leading to stored  fats . I for one could do without Fat storage when I am trying lose it !  There area several  types of protein that are popular with those who are fitness minded.

Whey Protein:  This is one of the fastest digested proteins available on the market.  It is excellent to use during your workout or just for an overall energy boost.  During all phases of you workout (before, during and after) this protein just does the trick.  It has a higher amount of protein than any other source of protein on the market .  It’s available in everything from milkshakes to a candy bars.  It is Perfect for building mass, endurance and energy.

Soy Protein: Is key to increasing health and sustaining it and is rich in amino acides.  A highly digestible protein, it is the perfect substitute for meat protein because it contains all the amino acids needed for human nutrition.  It reduces cholesterol levels and heart related diseases and can also reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as, prostate cancer, osteoporosis  and colon cancer. Soy protein’s benefits can come through foods such as, soy milk, soy cheese, tofu, and soy supplements.

Then along Came . . .

Tri-sorb protein – which is a combination of different proteins  in one supplement. Whey concentrate, Non GMO Soy (which is not genetically modified), and  whey hydrolysate .

Non GMO Soy Protein is processed to remove isoflavones which impact estrogen in the body.  This type of protein is not inexpensive ! In fact is costs more money than regular soy.

Whey Concentrate – This protein helps control hunger and reacts very quickly.  Others types take longer to control your appetite .

Whey hydrolysate (WH) –  Believe it or not this protein helps retain lean muscle mass, and is very expensive, and absorbs very quickly . Most protein supplements are designed to only absorb 40 percent into the muscle.  This one absorbs up to 80%.  WH is a clean , and highly concentrated protein . Combine this with aminogen  we have a concoction that’s strong enough to build muscle,promote fat loss, and maintain lean muscle .

The 3 types of proteins help support bone health, heart health, muscle health, digestive health, and can help curb hunger quickly!

So in conclusion their is one company ~ Visalus Sciences ~  (after watching this Video go here: )  who has created a Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Protein. They have also removed the Isoflavins, as well as the carbohydrates. This is the Very Best Protein Shake product on the market and at $1.85 – THE MOST AFFORDABLE Nutritionally Healthy Meal replacement I have found on the market.  ofwho has put together a shake that is different from ALL the rest.  It is unique and effective in so many ways . The ingredients along with the health benefits are incredible Taste!   More:


Losing Tummy weight for the summer can be done with some effort, but getting toned is quite another thing.  To lose Tummy fat you’ll need to be eating the RIGHT HEALTHY THINGS but getting your belly toned relies on the right exercises.

These are my all time favorite top 3 tummy toners to ensure you lose weight and inches Fast – BEFORE summer – they are all EASY and SIMPLE to do but all are OFF THE CHART effective at toning your tummy:

The yoga crunch is a FABULOUS stomach exercise for a beginner

Lay on Floor Mat like thi

1.) Yoga (CAPTAIN) Crunch 

It is Critical that you consult your physician before advanced stomach exercises especially if you are a newcomer to consistant exercise. One must start very slowly and get the abdominal area used to these sit-up motions. Performing this simple flat tummy movement will help you become more in tune when it comes to the control your abdominal muscles, which is a great start

1. Lie flat on the floor with your hands by your side.

2. Exhale, then suck in your stomach as much as you can, holding for 12 seconds or so.

3. Relax and breathe whilst visualizing moving your belly button towards your back.

4. Hold in your stomach muscles and tense your abs to firm and strengthen them.

5. Repeat several times.


Fast Stomach Flattener!

2.) The Plank


One of the most effective exercises “the plank” to help flatten your tummy. Follow these instructions carefully:
1. Lie face down on your tummy.

2. Tuck your elbows and forearms under your chest.

3. Form a bridge by pushing yourself up using your toes and forearms.

4. Make sure to keep your back flat and your hips raised for the duration of the exercise.

5.  HOLD the position with your abs and butt tensed for at least 12 seconds or until you can no longer maintain a flat bridge.

6. Repeat for 3 sets and return to start position. As you improve, increase the duration.


The Superfied bicycle helps tone your belly and define your abs.

3.) Superfied Bicycle


One of the most effective weight loss solutions is to get your waistline in trim with the original bicycle stomach exercise. However, this move requires a strong back and solid technique in order to target the abs and minimize strain on the back. This Superfied retrofit is performed with the aid of paper plates will help you learn the movement and build up strength before you attempt to tackle the original bicycle exercise

1. With paper plates under both heels lie on your back with your knees bent and your hands placed snugly behind your head so as to support your neck.

2. While contracting your abs, lift your shoulder blades off the floor and rotate your left shoulder to the right, keeping your elbow in a fixed position.3.

3. At the same time, slide out your left heel until your knee becomes straight while focusing on the right side of your belly.

4. Bring your left heel back while sliding your right heel out as you rotate the right shoulder to the left and squeeze the left side of your belly.

5.  Concentrate on rotating your entire torso while keeping your elbow back and in a fixed position.

6. Complete 10-22 reps and repeat for 1-4 sets.

A Quick Look Into the Essentials that every Survivalist/American Should have come Zday/ WROL/ Tyranny

The Essentials Include:
>The Carbine/Modern Rifle

>The Personal Sideare/ PDW

>The Shotgun (For everything else)

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The Official List – Using these words online will put you in the crosshairs Big Brother’s multi-billion dollar spy machine. Its almost feels like we shouldn’t be talking at all eh?

Der Volkswagen (The Peoples Car)


Joee Posting Again,

Quick Note Is that GM has canceled the Chevy Volt due to a lack of a market. and because they are apparently too expensive to produce. Suspended for a while, still canceled. very few cars ever go back on the line after GM suspends them anyways.

For a More Indepth Look Read here:


what gets me is why anyone would want a electric car when you could get a beautiful BMW:


Anyways For Less Politics more Survival Check Out Apache Survival @

Anyways See you Guys On the Range;

-Joee Velvet





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